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Join us at “Accelerating Bio-Innovation 2022” - a two-day exploration of some of the key debates facing innovators of new biopharmaceuticals, from both the science and funding perspectives.

This unique, interactive and multidisciplinary summit will examine the successes and challenges in drug development including translation of cancer drugs, CAR-T therapies and PROTACs, business innovation in academia, pharma and investments and the future of drug discovery, including the role of artificial intelligence.

Featuring award-winning scientists, entrepreneurs, and business leaders including Cambridge Professors Steve Jackson, Anne Ferguson-Smith, Jason Chin, Allan Bradley, Sharon Peacock, Tony Kouzarides and Wolf Reik, Pascal Soriot (CEO, AZ), David Redfern (Chief Strategy officer, GSK), Prof Craig Crews (Yale University), Prof Tim Springer (Harvard Medical school), Debbie Baron (Head of Business Development, Pfizer), Henry Gosebruch (Chief Strategy Officer, Abbvie), Sid Mukherjee (Pulitzer Prize winner, Columbia University), Oleg Nodelman (EcoR1 Capital) and Mary Lynne Headley (Co-founder, Tesaro).



Pablo Legorreta
Royalty Pharma Plc


Siddhartha Mukherjee
Columbia University


Pascal Soriot




Tim Springer
Harvard University


Stephen Toope
University of Cambridge


Deborah Baron




Craig Crews
Yale University


Habib Dable
 Acceleron Pharma


Henry Gosebruch




Abraham Heifets
Atomwise, Inc.


Andrew Hopkins
Exscientia plc


Joanna Shields



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